Saturday, May 12, 2007


The case let examines the HR measures taken by software major Wipro to get itself assessed on the PCMM standards.

» Importance of quality standards such as PCMM for a leading software player in a global market.
» Various steps and methods involved in the implementation of the program and its implications.

Wipro decided to get People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM) certification after an internal HR meeting in 1996, where company officials discussed the possibility of becoming a ‘HR No 1’ company.
In December 1996, Corporate, Executive VP, Human Resources, Dilip Ranjekar (Dilip), and Ranjan Acharya (Ranjan) VP – Corporate, Human Resources Development, went to the US to conduct an in-depth analysis on the best global HR practices. During the next three years, Wipro officials spent a substantial amount of time and resources to understand the practices followed by global companies. They studied HR policies of various companies such as AT&T, GE, Tandem and British Telecom for the purpose.
By 1999, Wipro developed a ‘competency dictionary,’ wherein it identified 24 competency areas spread across the five levels of PCMM. The behavioral issues for each level were identified and the procedures to address them were also clearly defined.....
Questions for Discussion:
1. What is the nature of potential contribution that PCMM could make to companies like Wipro who are competing globally and dependent critically on export business?
2. Explain the methodology employed by Wipro in implementing the PCMM model and integrating it with its operations. How far do you think the existing infrastructure facilitated speedy and successful introduction?

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