Friday, April 27, 2007

a small case study for u ppl.. leave ur comments

Mr. Toppo had just graduated from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, and joined his family's small business, which employs 25 semi-skilled workers. After observing Toppo during the first week on the job his father called him in and said, "Toppo, I have had a chance to observe your working with the men and women for the past two days and although I hate to say something but I must. You are just too nice to people. I know they taught you human relations stuff at the IIM but it just does not work here. I remember when the Hawthorne Studies were first reported and everybody in the academic field got all excited about them, but believe me, there is more to managing people than just being nice to them".


1; Do you think Toppo's father understood and interpreted theHawthorne Studies correctly?
2; How would you react to your father's comments if you were Toppo?

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Virender Pratap said...

Ans1:- Toppo's father, Toppo Senior....being layman...was suffering from "OB-is-commonsense" phobia...
in the very first place, he didnt know what other mngmnt fundas toppo is using at workplace(apart from being nice)....this shows he is also commiting an error of "Halo-Effect"(over-rating one trait over others & make judgements on that).

Ans 2:- Toppo's reply should be "I understand ur concern, but I know the job"...Thats it.

Virender Pratap